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NEXT CLASS IS August 9, 2024, at 2:00 PM Central time

How To Process Short Sales From Start to Finish, So That You Can Close More Deals and Stop Leaving Tens of Thousands In Potential Revenue On The Table...

We’re ranked the #1 Short Sale company in the US and we’ve been featured in:
Over 10.1 million homeowners are not able to meet up with their mortgage payments.

For Realtors: a pool of 10.1 million potential customers you can help short sell their homes and earn decent commissions.

For Real Estate Investors: that's the number of homeowners you can potentially approach and seal home purchase deals at below-market rates.

The bottom line is…

Now...perhaps, more than ever before...a tremendous opportunity is open to real estate agents and investors in the short sale market…

But unfortunately, there isn't a lot of information out there to guide interested players on how to take advantage of the opportunity before them.

The result?

Millions of dollars in potential revenue laying idle on the table…

And even sadder: millions of homeowners left to face the cold hands of foreclosure with no help from real estate players.

To help this situation, we took all of our 20 years of combined experience in the short sale market and poured it into a comprehensive book titled:
'How To Master Short Sales'

And in our next LIVE class, we will be going LIVE to teach from this book how to become the next short sale expert in your location.

Our aim with the book and live masterclass is to raise as many short-sale experts across the country as we can.

Experts who will be positioned to help homeowners in their various locations steer through the complexities of foreclosure while making decent commissions on the side.

Want to be one of them?

Then, you may want to…

Outside of the 'How To Master Short Sales' book and this masterclass, you'll likely never have the opportunity to get your hands on the type of information we have to share.

Successfully process a short sale from beginning to close
Negotiate any type of loan
Properly list a short sale
Dispute the price with the lender to get a value that makes sense
In this LIVE class you’ll learn how to:
And because we REALLY want you to understand everything we teach and help you became a short sale expert in your own rights, at the end of the masterclass...

We will hold a Q&A session where you can ask us anything LIVE and get instant feedback!

We've helped hundreds on real estate agents and investors become the expert in short sales for their area!



Nicole & Stephanie have over 20 years of combined experience negotiating and successfully closing over a thousand short sales around the U.S.

Having forged close relationships with every major lender across the country and a short sale closing rate of about 98%, Nicole and Stephanie have helped more homeowners than any other short sale expert in the country.

Nicole is the best-selling author of “Short Sales Uncensored” and the leading short sale expert in Dallas, TX. She has been negotiating short sales in the DFW and Houston markets since 2011.

Nicole launched her company “The Short Sale Queen” in 2019, allowing her team to process short sales nationwide. She has been featured on several real estate panels, podcasts, and TV segments.

When Nicole is not processing short sales, she’s busy teaching classes on short sales to other brokerages, title companies, and realtor associations.

Nicole’s extensive knowledge in distressed properties has made her the go-to expert and industry leader when dealing with complex transactions.

Will you like to learn from the Short Sale Queen’s mistakes and successes garnered from processing short sales over the last decade?


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